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Custom Branded Video Production
For Business, Broadcast & Internet Media

Detroit Video Production Drives Brand
Awareness And Your Bottom Line

When we think brand awareness, companies like Coke, Kleenex, and Apple come to mind.  These companies have spent millions to buy “Top of Mind” Brand Awareness through video production, broadcast media, print and the like. That means that as a result of relentless advertising and corporate expenditure, we the consumer, think “Coke” by default when we are thirsty.

So what does that mean for the average small business owner who can’t spend nearly the time, money or effort on video or print that the “Big Guys” do? That, my friend, is where Detroit video production comes in.

In 2009 stepped up their efforts to use video to drive sales. As a result of shooting hundreds of smaller product related videos, they increase their product sales by 6% – 30% (depending on the product). Videos similar to this (click here).

Video Production Helps Add Credibility & Authenticity

Not only does offering branded video help the consumer get a closer look at your product or service, when written and executed correctly, the video will help them connect with you personally.

This is mission critical. Statistics show that “All things being equal…” consumers would rather do business with people they know. Adding the right video production to your website, ad campaign or lobby loop can help potential clients not only understand what you offer, but take you at your word. That equals trust.


Your Message, Your Needs

Your message is your brand, and your brand is your message. We get it. When you choose to work with Live Out Loud Productions Inc., we spend a good deal of time with you up-front, before an estimate is ever written, before video production or media buying is ever discussed.

Our goal is to gain an understanding of your brand, your needs, and what makes you tick. After all, how can we help to sell your service, product or communicate your message through video if we don’t have a full understanding of who you are and what you do?


Our Passion, Your Brand

Storytelling is our passion, whether that story is creating brand awareness, relaying the corporate vision, or sharing a ministry video or feature film, our goal is to produce media that makes a difference in peoples lives, telling stories that challenge, encourage, and strengthen.
Our productions include: corporate branding video, internal training & web video, broadcast commercials, ministry video and feature films.

We have output video productions for hospitals, government agencies, small businesses, cable & network channels, ad agencies and many more. We are proud of the work we do and always strive to make our clients financially successful in their goals.

Maybe you are a video content producer or ad agency in need of a turn-key video production company to fulfill your clients video needs, we have both the experience and expertise to help take your project from concept to completion.

Our Clients

• Lowes • Hungry Howies • HAP • Amway
• Ford Motor • Henry Ford Health• AMC• Many More...

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